Mayor bans swimming near sexually frustrated dolphin

  • 28/08/2018
The new rule is "to ensure people's safety".
The new rule is "to ensure people's safety". Photo credit: Getty Images

Swimmers at a beach on the northwest coast of France have been banned from entering the water on local beaches because of a frisky dolphin.

The rutting bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Zafar initially delighted children sailing at the Bay of Brest, amusing water enthusiasts at the beaches and shorelines of Plougastel-Daoulas, Logonna-Daoulas and Landevennec.

But when the dolphin's activities intensified as it became more sexually aroused, the city's mayor put a stop to it.

"Swimming and diving are banned on the village shoreline... whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed," said a new bylaw issued last week by the mayor of Landévennec, Roger Lars.

"Approaching within 50 metres of the dolphin is also forbidden," the text said.

It is claimed that one swimmer had to be rescued by a boat after the three-metre dolphin tried to stop her from exiting the water.

One Spanish holidaymaker complained after being "confronted by the dolphin, which was anxious to interact", the Le Telegramme website states.

The aquatic mammal has also been seen rubbing up against kayaks and boats, according to The Telegraph.

The mayor said the new rule is "to ensure people's safety" after frightening several swimmers.