New Cadbury chocolate flavours divide Australia

  • 12/08/2018
The new Cadbury dairy milk flavours.
The new Cadbury dairy milk flavours. Photo credit: Cadbury

Cadbury has announced two new flavours, set to hit Australian shelves next week - kettle sea salt potato chip and CC's original corn chip.

But the new flavours have the country completely divided.

"Cadbury have a limited edition choc block WITH CORN CHIPS INSIDE and I am far too excited about this. If you can't find any in Melbourne it's because I've bought them all. Not even sorry," wrote Twiter user @mylo_alexander.

One Facebook user said the chocolate makers had lost the plot.

"This is so stupid - Next thing will be chocolate covered beef jerky - Would you like chips with that? Cadbury announces bizarre new frankenfood chocolate - so would you try it?," wrote @grumpy_chair.

Another disagreed, commenting "There's nothing better than chips with chocolate."

This isn't the first time Australia has brought out a questionable food combination. Last year Vegemite-flavoured ice blocks concerned people across the country.

Cadbury is no stranger to odd creations, having also brought out vegemite-flavoured dairy milk chocolate, which completely bombed.

The new daring design will hit Australian supermarkets on August 15.