Newly-weds tragically killed in car crash on way to honeymoon

The couple were keen mountain bikers.
The couple were keen mountain bikers. Photo credit: Facebook/Stephen Graham

A newly-wed couple have tragically died after a car crash on the way to their honeymoon in Canada.

Amy Moffat, 28, and Stephen Graham, 30, were on their way to Whistler in British Columbia when their car veered off the road in Washington state.

Their close friend Spencer Luczak was driving behind them went they off the road, believed to be after Moffat fell asleep at the wheel.

"When the truck went into its first roll it lifted off the ground and was high enough that the passenger and I had to look up through the windshield to see the truck above us, and then I slowed down just in time because it landed right in front of us," he told Fox 13 News.

"When I got to them, I knew right away they were gone."

They had just been married in Utah earlier in the month.


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