Questions over design of collapsed Genoa bridge

It was a tragedy waiting to happen when the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy collapsed, killing at least 31 people on Tuesday (local time).

With a long-questioned design, there had been numerous plains to demolish and replace it - but cost got in the way, so they decided to repair it.

Now, emergency services say it is becoming more of a recovery mission then a rescue one. With the death toll rising, politicians are demanding answers.

The Prime Minister visited the scene, calling it an immense tragedy and promising far stricter maintenance of Italy's aging infrastructure.

Map of where Morandi Bridge was in Genoa.
Map of where Morandi Bridge was in Genoa. Photo credit: Newshub.

The bridge was opened to much fanfare in 1967; it was trumpeted as state of the art, and was a key landmark on the road from Monaco to Italy.

Whether the storm played a part in the collapse will surely make up part of the part of the inquiry.

By sheer luck, the two warehouses in the direct path of the falling debris were closed and empty for the school holidays.

The search continued into the night - even many hours later, cries could still be heard from within the mountains of debris.

Where Genoa is in Italy.
Where Genoa is in Italy. Photo credit: Newshub.

Still perched above the mess, a reminder of the lottery of this tragedy was a truck sitting metres from edge.

It's driver was lucky, but there are dozens of families tonight grappling with the most awful of news.