Teacher transforms Louisiana classroom into Hogwarts

A third grade teacher at a Shreveport elementary school in Louisiana has transformed her classroom into a world where little wizards can go.

Mary Ann Heitzman's third grade classroom has everything - from candles to letters and even a few potions - everything JK Rowling wrote about can be found in this classroom.

Ms Heitzman's love for the wizarding world led her to start planning for her dream classroom a year in advance.

"I'd been saving up all year while I was teaching my first year and over the summer, and I slowly bought things and made things," she told CBS.

She spent well over NZ$1800 buying and making everything in her classroom, but the reaction her students have when they walk through the door has made everything worth it.

"One student came in and she stomped her feet and said 'this is the best classroom ever' and it really made me feel really, really good."

But Ms Heitzman didn't do it alone. She had help from parent Hillary Morrow, who believes classrooms this really make a difference.

"A lot of students they wind up getting bored, and if you're in an environment like this I don't see how you could be bored," Ms Morrow said.

For students, being a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw also holds a deeper meaning to Mary Ann.

"They have these positive adjectives that the students can relate to and say 'that's what I am' whenever they're sorted into their houses.

But for Ms Heitzman, sharing what she loves with her students has allowed her to give them a space where they can enjoy learning and feel safe.

"If you are Gryffindor you are brave."

CBS News / Newshub.