Bologna explosion: Monster fireball rips apart trucks after horrific crash

  • Updated
  • 07/08/2018

Incredible footage has captured the moment a truck crash in Bologna, Italy erupted into a monstrous fireball, killing at least three people.

The accident occurred after a tanker truck carrying flammable material rear-ended another truck on the busy highway on Tuesday (NZ time).

Video shows the tanker driver desperately attempting to slow his truck in time. But he's too late, and as vehicles collide they are suddenly engulfed in a torrent of fire as thick black smoke rises from the inferno.

Suddenly a giant fist of flame punches into the sky from the wreckage, gutting the twisted metal. The shockwave then smashes into nearby buildings, shattering windows with its power.

The explosion also caused many nearby cars to catch fire and explode and part of the raised motorway to collapse.

The disaster injured up to 70 people, with many suffering from second or third-degree burns and shrapnel wounds from the shattered glass.