US police release graphic video of troopers in gun battle

Pennsylvanian authorities have released video of a gun fight that left two police officers fighting for their lives.

The suspect has since been caught and is set to be sentenced for attempted murder, CBS News reports.

The shootout began after two officers attempted to arrest Daniel Clary, 22, on suspicion of driving under the influence of cannabis.

However he fought back and managed to break free. Retrieving a weapon form his car, he opened fire on the state troopers.

Trooper Seth Kelly was hit and seriously wounded, his femoral artery severed by the blaze of bullets. He was later pronounced clinically dead and spent 12 days in a coma, CBS News reports.

Clary was shot, but managed to escape and took himself to hospital for treatment where he was arrested. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder at a trial in June.

Prosecutor Terence Houck said the video was an important part in securing the conviction.

"Had that video not been here, it would have been the word of one man against the word of the Pennsylvania State Police and in this day and age, we know how stuff like that goes," he said.

Clary will be sentenced later this month.


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