US school closes after parents threaten transgender student

Achille Public School.
Achille Public School. Photo credit: Achille Public School

Achille middle school in Oklahoma has closed for two days after parents mocked and made violent threats toward a 12-year-old transgender student on Facebook.

Maddie, who identifies as female, was the target of abuse after she used the girl's bathroom at the school.

Following an incident where a student accused her of peeping under the stall, Maddie started using the staff toilets and had done for two years, according to KXII.

Maddie's mother Brandy Rose said it was only because she had to sit quite far forward to use the toilet.

Then on her first day of middle school, when she hadn't yet been told where the staff bathroom was, Maddie was left with no choice but to use the girl's bathroom.

A parent found out and took to a private parent's facebook page to complain.

One member suggested that to make her a real female, "a good sharp knife would do the job real quick".

Throughout the comments, they referred to her as 'thing' and' it', and warned that it was "hunting season on them kind".

Ms Rose told Towleroad Maddie fears for her life.

"These are adults making threats - I don't understand it. She's an awesome kid. To see any fear in her, I can't explain how bad that hurts me for them to hurt her."

Whilst no arrests have been made, KXII reported that several agencies were involved to see if the comments were considered a hate crime.