US teen who hid in basement after father's murder found a year on

An Ohio teenager who had been missing for over a year after witnessing his own father's murder has been found alive in a basement.

A year ago Jacob Caldwell and his brothers were put in emergency temporary custody at their grandparents' house after they witnessed their father, Robert Caldwell, being shot and killed by his ex-wife.

Following Jacob being put in their custody, police believe the 15-year-old ran away from their home and was last seen outside a Walmart on August 21, 2017 in the town of Sugar Creek, Ohio.

Police Chief Michael Brown confirmed during a press conference investigators of the case received credible information regarding his location.

After obtaining a search warrant they found Jacob in a basement of a home 64kms away, with a group of four adults. The home was said to belong to associates of Jacob's mother.

He was unharmed and healthy, but remained quiet and did not resist arrest, reported ABC News.

Police Chief Brown said he had not attended school in a year or socialised with friends, and spent the last year sitting inside watching TV and playing video games.

Jacob is now in a juvenile detention centre due to a previous warrant for his arrest after he ran away a year ago.

Six adults involved in the incident are facing charges.