8yo boy mistakes father's ecstasy pills for lollies, shares with friends

An eight-year-old boy who discovered his father's stash of ecstasy pills shared them with a group of friends after confusing them for lollies.

The child from Riau province, Indonesia, found the green pills in his dad's car and offered them to his primary school mates, aged between seven and nine.

Two of the boys refused to eat the pills due to their unpleasant taste, according to local media reports.

But those who did consume the drugs soon needed to be taken to hospital complaining of headaches and dizziness.

"The kids thought the green pills in their parents' car were candy. They cut up the pills and shared them with friends," Riau Police spokesperson Sunarto said.

"They are feeling better now. They have received treatment."

The father admitted to owning the drugs, and has been arrested.

Police might also charge him with criminal negligence for endangering the lives of the children.


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