Aussie fruit crisis: Mum 'horrified' after finding needle in apple

An Australian woman has reportedly found a needle inside of an apple in Sydney on Tuesday morning.

Dozens of needles have been found inside punnets of strawberries in all six Australian states in recent days, and a metal object was reportedly found in a banana in Queensland yesterday.

The mum from the suburb of Kellyville was peeling an apple while making lunch for her daughters when she came across the needle, 7 News reports.

The woman, named only as Carmello, felt an immoveable object and at first thought it was the apple's stem. But a closer look revealed it was a needle sticking out from the inside of the apple.

She told 7 News she and her children were "horrified" and she quickly called police.

"I just thought, 'Wow, this can't possibly be happening'," she told 7 News.

The woman said she'd seen reports of the needle scare happening with strawberries and had been "vigilant" when handling them, but she thought that apples would be safe.

"My kids just grab and bite into apples normally."

The apple was from a six-pack of Pink Lady apples and was purchased from a Woolworths supermarket, 7 News reports.

New South Wales Police are investigating.