Australia: Pedestrian run over in 200-person Melbourne brawl

Australian police are hunting for the driver of a car that drove through a crowd during a brawl in Melbourne on Sunday.

Police say the fight broke out inside a live music venue in Collingwood, primarily between Pacific Islanders and African-Australians, then spilled out onto the street.

ABC News reporter Yvette Gray says neighbours saw "dozens of young people fighting each other and jumping on cars".

Then a car driven at high speed smashed into a pedestrian, leaving behind a trail of carnage. Witnesses described seeing blood and debris scattered along the street.

"He was going at a blistering pace and he was f**king aiming for people straight at them," a neighbour told the Herald Sun.

"Everyone was screaming. I didn't see the moment of impact but it was clear he had just one agenda - to annihilate people."

The 18-year-old victim of the car attack was left with serious injuries to his legs. Another six people were hospitalised with injuries from the brawl.

"Police were called and attended shortly after… we deployed resources in search of both offenders and witnesses," Victoria Police Commander Tim Hansen said.

"Some key persons who we're keen to speak with left the incident prior to police arrival or upon police arrival.

"We conducted a search of the immediate vicinity but were unable to locate any of those persons at that time due to the complexity of the environment in which we were operating in."