British parents to swap genders

A UK couple have made headlines after announcing they're swapping genders.

Louise and Charlie Draven, parents to five-year-old Star Cloud, are believed to be the country's first "gender-fluid" family, the Daily Mail reports.

Louise was born a man, but in the past five years has lost 100kg so she can undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a woman. Charlie was born a woman, and in the past didn't identify as either gender - but decided to have surgery to become a man after Star began calling her "dada".

Charlie is actually Star's biological mother and Louise, the biological father.

They told the Mail they're raising their son Star as a "person" rather than a boy, so he isn't pressured into feeling like he has to be a man when he grows up.

"Neither of us gets hung up on the gender we were born as," said 30-year-old Louise. "We don't want our child constrained by that either. We're just an ordinary family being who we want to be."

They want their operations done by the time Star is 10 so he gets used to the change while he's still young. He's already started asking questions.

"I tell Star mummy is going to a special doctor who will take away her [penis]," said Charlie. "I say that when I go to the special doctor I'll be getting a [penis] of my own, then I'll be just like him."

They say Star has been teased at school because he doesn't mind playing with dolls and painting his nails - not activities typically associated with boys. There have also been vicious comments left on social media after previous appearances on UK talk shows.

"Some of the written comments were horrendous," Charlie told the Mail. "One person wrote that we should kill Star Cloud, before he became a serial killer, committed suicide or killed us.

"Unbelievable how people could say such dreadful things about a four-year-old."