Dead rat in soup costs Chinese restaurant chain $290m

The dead rat found in the soup.
The dead rat found in the soup. Photo credit: Weibo

A restaurant firm in China has lost around $290 million in market value after a pregnant woman found a dead rat in her soup.

Xiabu Xiabu's stock hit its lowest value in almost a year when photos of the dead rat circulated, with it being fished out of the soup with chopsticks.

It's been reported that the outlet in Shangdong, which has now been suspended, offered the woman 5,000 yuan (NZ$1,109) in compensation.

The woman took a few bites out of the meal before discovering the rat.

Her husband told a local news outlet Kankan News that one of the restaurant staff had suggested she have an abortion if she was worried about her health and offered 20,000 yuan for the procedure.

The restaurant had put out a statement saying it had "ruled out" the possibility that poor hygiene caused the dead rat to be found, but has since deleted the statement.


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