Elderly man with dementia renews wedding vows with wife

An elderly man who has dementia has renewed his wedding vows with his wife.

In 1954, Norman Croxford plucked up the courage to go talk to Marjorie at dance.

Four years later they were married.

"We've always been there for each other. Always. We still love each other now as we did on the day we got married," Marjorie says.

These days, Norman's mind isn't what it was.

"Norman's not well, because of a little bit of dementia now. As soon as I wake up every morning I think, 'I must go down see Norm, make sure he's ok.'"

And now 60 years after they first tied the knot, and before his memories fade, Norman and Marj have renewed their vows.

In front of family and friends in their aged care facility, they showed the world their love was as strong as ever.

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