First deaths from Hurricane Florence reported in North Carolina

Five people have reportedly died as a result of Hurricane Florence which is currently pummelling America.

The category 2 hurricane is expected to make its way across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and around 1 million people have been evacuated.

The amount of traffic evacuating was so intense that officials in South Carolina reversed the flow of traffic on major highways so all lanes went in the same direction.

It has now made landfall, and the first deaths have all come from North Carolina.

Rescuers spent hours trying to save a Wilmington mother and infant after they became trapped underneath a portion of their roof, The New York Times reports.

The pair died before they could be saved.

"The sheer size of the tree was not something you could quickly cut with a chain saw," deputy fire chief JS Mason said. "It was a very difficult rescue that required some technical equipment."

Three other deaths have been linked to the storm, with one person dying plugging in a generator, while another was blown down by wind, reported The Guardian.

One woman died due to a heart attack and emergency crews not being able to reach her because of downed trees.