'Go back to New Zealand': Pauline Hanson lashes out in fiery debate

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has told an Australian senator to "go back to New Zealand" in a fiery televised debate.

Ms Hanson and Victoria independent, New Plymouth-born Derryn Hinch, traded blows on Channel 7's Sunrise programme on Monday morning.

As Ms Hanson listed what she'd accomplished with former PM Malcolm Turnbull, Mr Hinch interrupted.

"I could speak to Malcolm Turnbull and he'd listen to what I'd have to say and I got a lot done," Ms Hanson said.

"What have you done Pauline?" Mr Hinch interjected. "You voted against medicinal cannabis, the Greens and I voted in favour of it and you and your colleagues voted against it."

Ms Hanson rejected his argument, accusing him of being "half asleep most of the damn time" and telling him to "pack your bags and get on the next flight out of the country".

Mr Hinch replied that telling people to leave Australia was Ms Hanson's "usual thing" and it was "puerile, stupid".

But Ms Hanson came back with a scathing rebuke.

"Go back to New Zealand and pick up your manners Derryn, and then come back when you've got some," she retorted.


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