'I thought it was a toy': Baby crawling across busy road in US rescued

A baby girl who was found crawling across a street in Lakewood, New Jersey is lucky to be alive after a man nearly mistook the child for a toy.

Cary Cannon was on his way to work when he luckily saw the child in the middle of the road before it was too late.

He told local newspaper Asbury Park Press that he thought the baby was a toy until it moved.

When he saw the child moving, he jumped out of his car and snapped a quick photo as evidence, before using his work vehicle to slow down traffic and stop oncoming cars.

A nearby neighbour also saw what was happening and rushed out into the road, grabbing the baby before it was injured.

Police said they believed an older sibling left a door open and the child escaped.

The photo has since been circulating on social media, with people condemning the parents for not being aware of what was happening.

One of their neighbours commented that they were great parents and that she was personally destroyed by what people were saying because she knew the family.

It was not clear how long the child was on the road, and police are still investigating.