Metal object discovered in Queensland banana

A metal object has been found inside a banana in Queensland, police have confirmed.

The grim discovery comes after needle-spiked strawberries were found across Australia, popping up in every state except Western Australia.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says they are now investigating the case of a metal-contaminated banana, but gave no further details about the fruit tampering.

Stuff reports that a person is believed to have inserted a metal object into the banana in a Queensland shop, and that it was an isolated incident. 

Foodstuffs told Newshub that New Zealand's banana imports have not halted in light of the news, and that the country does not source its bananas from Australia.  

"We do not import from Australia.  Our bananas come from Ecuador, followed by the Philippines and Mexico."

Australian police called the strawberry needle fiasco an act of sabotage, saying six different brands have been affected.

Foodstuffs and Countdown have halted distribution of Australian strawberries in the wake of the scare.


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