Miners in Australia unearth huge gold encrusted rocks

The gold encrusted rocks.
The gold encrusted rocks. Photo credit: RNG Minerals

Miners in Western Australia say they have unearthed two huge gold encrusted rocks worth millions of dollars.

The largest rock, weighing in at 95 kilograms, contained more than 2,400 ounces of gold, RNC Minerals said.

The Canadian company said it had extracted rocks containing gold worth $18 million near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia last week.

"People do still record finding nuggets in the goldfields, but typically they are less than several ounces," Professor Sam Spearing, director of the Western Australia School of Mines at Curtin University told the BBC.

Prof Spearing called the find exceedingly rare, and said typically miners in Australia extract around 2 grams of gold per tonne of rock.

RNG Minerals said it had 2,200 grams per tonne.


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