Mongrel Mob opens up chapter in Canada

  • 07/09/2018
An unidentified affiliate of Mongrel Mob Canada.
An unidentified affiliate of Mongrel Mob Canada. Photo credit: Facebook

The Mongrel Mob has opened up a chapter in Canada, with a Facebook page showing nearly 20 affiliated members.

A page called 'Mongrel Mob Canada' appears to have been active since August 12, images showing members standing in front of banners and wearing clothing bearing the gang's distinctive logo.

None of them are patched yet, but a comment on the page says it is simply a matter of time.

There are 5785 gang members in New Zealand according to the police, and the Mongrel Mob is the largest - but photos of the Canadian chapter only show about 17 people.

Posts from people affiliated with the page suggest it's operating out of Montreal, and other posts on the page mention a respect for the Waikato chapter.

It's not the first overseas chapter of the mob, which has been operating in parts of Australia since the 2000s.

University of Canterbury criminology professor Greg Newbold told TVNZ the gang could have arrived in Canada through an ex-pat from New Zealand.

"The Mongrel Mob's a fairly loose group and I would think that anyone who wants to start up a club can," he said.

"There's no national standards, so each different club will have its own rules and procedures."

Prof Newbold said whether or not the gang manages to establish a foothold remains to be seen.