Mosquitoes help police catch booze thieves

  • 23/09/2018

Pesky mosquitoes have brought a high-speed chase to an end in Wisconson.

The men on the run from police in Fond du Lac county turned themselves in because they couldn't take the bugs.

CBS News reports it started at a Piggly Wiggy supermarket in a small town called Campbellsport. One thief took three bottles of Jagermeister, then loaded up a cart with hundreds of dollars' worth more booze, while the other waited in a getaway vehicle.

Store manager Kevin Harvey recognised the crook in the store, having caught him before, and chased him outside.

The thief and his getaway driver led police on a chase which led to a cornfield, where the suspects got out to hide - but it was full of mosquitos. They soon gave themselves up, unable to stand the swarm.

"When we handcuffed him he asked us to wipe his forehead because he had 15-20 mosquitoes on his forehead at that time," said police chief Thomas Dornbrook.

"I think if it weren't for the mosquitoes he would have kept walking and trying to get a ride from someone."

Watch the video for the full CBS News report.