Strawberries pulled from Australian supermarkets after needle sabotage

A disgruntled ex-employee is believed to be behind the needle sabotage of strawberries in Australia that left one man hospitalised.

Woolworths has pulled strawberries from its shelves and a recall issued for Berrylicious and Berry Obsession strawberries purchased in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria after a man swallowed part of a needle.

Joshua Gane posted on his Facebook page that his friend Hoani Hearne has been hospitalised after swallowing part of a sewing needle and experiencing "severe abdominal pain".

The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association said it has "reason to suspect a disgruntled ex-employee" is behind the needle sabotage.

Police launched an investigation into the matter over the weekend, and 9 News reported that two more people have come forward in Victoria claiming similar experiences.