Typhoon Mangkhut: Alarming footage shows walls topple, bodies thrown in Hong Kong

Alarming footage shows the damage Typhoon Mangkhut is wreaking on Hong Kong.

Videos taken from people sheltering in Hong Kong show apartment windows shattering in winds of up to 165km/h and gusts of up to 205km/h.

Another video shows the side of a building crumbling and toppling down on to the street.

Footage taken from inside a high-rise building shows a crane across the street cracking in half and tipping over.

A video shows the ground floor of a building entirely submerged in swirling water that looks at least knee-height.

In another clip, a man can be seen flying into a concrete wall, propelled by the force of the extreme winds. He and another person struggle to get to their feet, eventually holding each other up and walking to safety .

At least 14 people have died in the typhoon, with almost 100,000 forced to evacuate as Mangkhut ripped across the northern Philippines.

The Hong Kong Observatory raised the storm signal to the highest possible level as the storm made its way across the South China Sea to mainland China.