Typhoon Mangkhut kills 14, as nearly 100,000 evacuate

Typhoon Mangkut has claimed at least 14 lives, the ferocious wind and rain damaging a vital airport and forcing nearly 100,000 to evacuate.

The strong typhoon has ripped across the northern Philippines, with torrential rain and winds over 200km/h causing an estimated 42 major landslides across the region.

The storm, which hit the nation on Saturday morning, has led to the death of at least 14 people including two children in a landslide, The Guardian reported.

Two emergency workers were killed on Saturday while trying to free people trapped by a landslide in the mountainous Cordillera area, said Ricardo Jalad, head of the nation's disaster agency.

Presidential adviser Francis Tolentino said others were missing and the death toll could continue to climb.

With power down in most northern provinces, verifying information has been difficult, but reports suggest Tuguegarao airport in the Cagayan province has been severely damaged and inoperable.

The airport is said to be vital to helping supply humanitarian resources to the region.

The category 5 storm, which has been called the strongest tropical cyclone of the year by the World Meteorological Organisation, is said to have weakened as it approached China.

At one point, the typhoon, which is known locally as Ompong, had gusts of up to 305km/h.

Over 90,000 people are believed to have been evacuated from their homes by local authorities.