UK crematorium open doors to show what happens when you're cremated

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The question of what happens after we die is answered by many theories, but one crematorium in the UK has at least broken down what happens to your physical self.

Bramcote Crematorium in Nottinghamshire threw open its doors to the public, offering to give them a look at how exactly cremation works.

After the service, crematoriums are by UK law required to burn the body within 72 hours, but most aim for 24.

Then the coffin is checked for any objects that shouldn't be there, or if the person had a pacemaker.

If one of those were to be part of the cremation, it could cause an explosion that would lift 20-tonne cremation chamber 18cm in the air, according to NottinghamshireLive.

Then, the cremation machine heats up to 1,000degC and the body is burned for around an hour-and-a-half.

Once burned, the ashes are then raked up and left to cool before being sieved to remove any unwanted material from items such as wedding rings.

Relatives can then choose whether they want to scatter the ashes at the crematorium or take them elsewhere, or go down the Keith Richards route.


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