US police uncover huge animal fighting ring

A huge animal fighting operation has been busted in the US after police discovered 1300 animals and a huge stash of drugs at a Wisconsin property.

Local police say the fighting ring operated out of Houa Dia Yang's home, where he used gym equipment to help ready animals for fights.

"You can tell that he's been working them out, running them on treadmills, they have them chained up to very heavy chains," Nancy Hove from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department told CBS News.

Along with the animals officers discovered the beginnings of a marijuana growing operation.

The operation was discovered by chance when US marshals serving Dia Yang with an arrest warrant stumbled upon drug paraphernalia, more than a dozen dogs and more than 1000 chickens.

All of the animals were bred for fighting, and Dia Yang was organised to a T.

"Eggs were labelled, they kept track of who laid what and what kind of breeds were coming out of them," Ms Hove said.

Senyen Vang was also arrested at the same time after authorities chanced upon more drugs in her possession.

"We checked the stuff before she left to make sure she wasn't taking any evidence, at that time we found a safe in her property," Ms Hove said.

"We took the safe, got a warrant to open it up and in there was four pounds (1.8kg) of meth."

Members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have removed the animals from the property.

They have been taken to emergency shelters to receive care and treatment.


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