Weatherman's 'dramatic' brace position ridiculed as Hurricane Florence pummels US

Prepared for the full furious impact of Hurricane Florence, an American weatherman's intense and dramatic brace position has been ridiculed online.

In a video posted on Twitter, meteorologist Mike Seidel is seen presumably battling pelting rain and torrential winds.

But as the reporter says, "This is about as nasty as it's been," and his foot dramatically slips, two men can be seen casually strolling through the storm.

As social media went nuts, slamming Mr Seidel's stance and saying he deserved an Oscar for his performance, The Weather Channel didn't join in the fun.

It released a statement saying it was important viewers realised the two individuals in the background were walking on concrete, while Mr Seidel was on grass.

Mr Seidel is "undoubtedly exhausted", the statement said.

Others raised the question of why reporters continue to go out into the weather while local authorities warn citizens to stay indoors and safe.

Americans may want to heed their warnings, as at least five people have already been killed in the hurricane.