Whitsundays locals kill two sharks after Kiwi girl was mauled

  • 23/09/2018

Authorities in the Whitsundays have been killing sharks in the same area a New Zealand-born girl and a mother were mauled less than 24 hours apart.

Two large tiger sharks were captured and shot within five minutes of each other. The animals, 3.3m and 2m in length, were caught on one drumline placed in Cid Harbour.

Hannah Papps, 12, was mauled by a shark in the harbour on Friday. The day before, 46-year-old Justine Barwick was also attacked by a shark in the same location.

Both victims are still recovering in Brisbane hospitals.

Queensland shark control authorities say it's impossible to know whether the two sharks killed were the ones responsible for the two attacks this week.

People have been urged not to swim in Cid Harbour, where sharks are known to be active.

The capture and culling of the sharks has proved controversial in the tourist town. Commercial fishing has been banned inside the Great Barrier Reef marine zone, including Cid Harbour.

Fisherman Trevor Draper believes that's allowed fish populations to explode and sharks to follow, and more attacks are likely.

The baited drumlines will remain in place over the next week, but there's no clear plan for a long-term solution for the popular tourist destination.