20 people dead in New York wedding limousine crash

As many as 20 people have died after a limousine carrying people travelling from a wedding reception crashed in New York state.

The crash took place in Schoharie, a town around 250km north of New York City, NBC reported.

"I heard some screaming. It looked serious because people were running back and forth," Bridey Finegan of Schoharie told NBC affiliate WNYT

The area is popular with tourists viewing autumnal foliage at this time of year.

Local media reported that the limo was speeding down a hill and crashed into bystanders at the Apple Barrel Country Store.

It's unclear if the crash killed pedestrians, passengers or both.

"This is a two-vehicle, multi-fatality investigation," said state police Capt Richard O'Brien. "It's very preliminary. In it's infancy stages. We have several units investigating."

The manager of the Apple Barrel, Jessica Kirby, told the New York Times she thought the limo was travelling down the hill at "probably over 60 miles per hour (96km/h)".

WNYT reports large trucks were recently banned from coming down the hill into the intersection where the accident occurred, because of previous incidents.