40 years on from divorce, couple remarry

The couple first met at a dance hall in 1955. Photo credit: Getty

After taking a break for a while, a British couple has decided to reignite their relationship and marry in Dartford.

The break lasted four decades and involved a divorce for Audrey and Charlie Hailes, before - aged 83 and 88 respectively - they decided to have a go again.

The couple first met at a dance hall in 1955, before marrying and starting a family. They divorced in 1978.

According to their children, of which they had six, the couple were not truly happy after their break-up and when Audrey's second husband passed away the kids intervened.

Son Ian suggested to his father that he move in with Audrey again, and that's exactly what happened.

All six children were present at the second wedding, with Ian serving as best man for his father.