Australian woman charged after faking cancer for money

  • 19/10/2018
Lucy Wieland received NZ$60,000 in donations after faking a cancer diagnosis.
Lucy Wieland received NZ$60,000 in donations after faking a cancer diagnosis. Photo credit: Instagram

A woman in North Queensland has been charged for faking a cancer diagnosis which saw her receiving NZ$60,000 in donations

Lucy Wieland, 27, documented her 'cancer journey' online, where she would blog and post photos to Instagram about her "stage five" ovarian cancer treatment.

This would include pictures of her with medical equipment such as oxygen masks and walking aids.

She also posted when she shaved her hair off.

Wieland created a GoFundMe page and would post about the financial strain the cancer had on her. 

Prosecutors were tipped off after a member of the community decided her posts did not add up.

Her partner, who is a member of the Australian Defence Force, was also included in the posts as her full time 'carer' however, police did not disclose if he was aware of the fraud.

Police prosecutor Rachel Todd opposed bail on grounds "she had breached the community's trust".

However, Magistrate Steven Mosh granted Wieland bail, as she had no prior convictions and served minimal risk to the community.

She was ordered to surrender her passport to police and would face court again in December.

Detective Inspector Chris Lawson said the case should stand as a warning for those who want to donate online.

Speaking about how disheartening the situation is, Insp Lawson said to research before you donate.

"If you think something is not quite right, I urge you to keep your hand in your pocket and not donate to those causes," Insp Lawson said. 

GoFundMe will assist in the investigation and have closed down the account.