Concept hormone kit that allows men to breastfeed wins award

  • 26/10/2018
Concept hormone kit that allows men to breastfeed wins award
Photo credit: iStock.

A hormone kit that allows men to "chest feed" could become available to consumers in as few as five years. 

The invention is in its concept stages and is yet to be tested, however, it has picked up a "Meaning-Centred Design Award". 

The kit involves a man taking various hormone drugs throughout his partner's pregnancy, which allows him to grow milk ducts in time for the baby's birth.

Product designer, Marie-Claire Springham told DailyMail side effects of the drugs will likely be that men grow breasts up to the size of a B-cup. 

Ms Springham, who studied product design at Central Saint Martins in London, said she can't see why couples wouldn't use the product. 

"It seems unusual but women have been using hormones to change their bodies since they developed the birth-control pill," Ms Springham said.

The kit requires the "chest feeding" man to take the hormone progestin once a day as soon as his partner gets pregnant, which causes the production of milk producing glands needed for breastfeeding. 

During the last four weeks of pregnancy, the man would then take domperidone four times a day - a drug prescribed to women who struggle to breastfeed. 

Men would continue to take the hormones throughout pregnancy. 

The kit would also come with a pump that helps release milk.