Donald Trump ridicules Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault testimony

President Donald Trump has been captured on camera publicly mocking Christine Blasey Ford's testimony about an alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Speaking at a Mississippi rally, the President made light of Dr Ford's testimony, which she gave during a monumental hearing at the Senate last week.  

Dr Ford alleges that at a high school party in 1982, Mr Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge pushed her from behind into a bedroom and locked the door behind them before Mr Kavanaugh got on top of her.

She alleges that he began running his hands over her body, grinding his hips against her and trying to take off her clothes, covering her mouth to stop her from screaming as he and his friend laughed at her.

"I had one beer. Well, do you think it was - nope, it was one beer," Mr Trump says mimicking her evidence. 

"How did you get home? I don't remember. How'd you get there? I don't remember. Where is the place? I don't remember. How many years ago was it? I don't know," he continues. 

"What neighbourhood was it in? I don't know. Where's the house? I don't know. Upstairs, downstairs - where was it?

"I don't know, but I had one beer. That's the only thing I remember."

The President's remarks were met with loud applause from the rally crowd.

He continued by saying Mr Kavanaugh's life is now "shattered" and in "tatters" in the wake of the allegations.

So far, three women have accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault and misconduct. He has blamed Democrats - who opposed his nomination from the outset - for a "calculated and orchestrated political hit".

Mr Trump himself has been accused by more than a dozen women of unwanted sexual advances, harassment or groping. He denies their claims.