Grandfather saves toddler attacked by massive python in Australia

A little boy in Australia was lucky to escape near-certain death by snake thanks to his heroic grandfather.

Ronald Rutland was with his grandson Nash at their home on the Tablelands, near Cairns, when disaster struck.

A scrub python bit the toddler multiple times before beginning to squeeze his arm in a death grip. His mother, Amanda Rutland, tried to pry open the massive python's jaws - but was also bitten.

When Mr Rutland intervened the snake struck again, before it started to wrap around his arm too. He told 7 News he could feel his heart pounding as the circulation was cut off.

Naish Rutland and his mother Amanda (L) and the scrub python (R).
Naish Rutland and his mother Amanda (L) and the scrub python (R). Photo credit: 7 News

"I yelled out to my wife: 'Get me a knife'," he said, adding that she ended up bringing out a kitchen knife - "the bluntest one in the place."

Despite the bluntness, he managed to slash at the python and free both himself and little Naish - who wasn't even two years old.

According to 7 News, Naish narrowly avoided becoming only the second person in Australia to be killed by a python.

"If it was [his] torso or neck, it would have been a totally different story," Ms Rutland told the news company.


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