Kiwis claim Australian island for New Zealand

New New Zealand Island.
New New Zealand Island. Photo credit: Jeremy Shanks/Facebook

Six Kiwis have taken it upon themselves to claim a small Australian island as their own.

You've probably never heard of New New Zealand Island - NNZI for short.

The once Australian land in Eildon Pondage, about 100km northeast of Melbourne, has been overtaken and claimed as Kiwi land by the group.

The group say it's not yet recognised by Google Maps or TripAdvisor but it will be the first island in Australia to be New Zealand's.

"New Zealand has an army of smaller islands but this will be the first offshore island of its kind. An island of New Zealand completely surrounded by another country; Australia," Jeremy Shanks, one of the six pioneers, wrote on the website for the new island.

"Australians, we are not here for war. We are just seeking recognition of our newly-found land."

There has been no word from the Australian Government on any plans to repatriate the land.