Man's home ransacked after bogus Craigslist ad tells the world everything is free

A US man has returned home to find his house looted after someone placed a fake ad online, saying everything was free for the taking.

"It's lifetime collections of personal property that was mine," George Stanley told CBS News.

He was away in Florida when someone put a bogus ad on Craigslist. Over the next two weeks, dozens of people ransacked his house.

"Criminal," Mr Stanley said. "Evil. Reprehensible."

One man who showed up said it was "pure hooliganism".

"I said this just isn't right, and I left. I did take a few things," said Scott Lovewell.

George Stanley's house, after the ransacking.
George Stanley's house, after the ransacking. Photo credit: CBS News

Mr Stanley said they even raided his fridge and a "headless alien" he had on the roof.

Mr Lovewell came back to return the few things he took.

"I just knew that my conscience is bothering me."

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