Princess Eugenie's royal wedding in for a royal snubbing from the public

A fairytale wedding is all a princess dreams of, even when they're ninth in line to the throne.

But it could be more of a flop than a fairytale for Princess Eugenie, who'll tie the knot in Windsor on Friday.

Guests are expected to start arriving in a few hours time and yet the streets are empty, the town is quiet, hardly the mood you'd expect for a royal wedding. 

It feels like any other day in Windsor and the only clue a royal wedding is imminent is a corner reserved by the same die-hard fans who were here for Harry and Meghan's wedding - although they needn't have come so early.

"I turned up late and no one was here. Literally no one. I walked around the town and no one was here. I thought I'd got the wrong day," a royal fan Kerry Evans told Newshub.

But she hasn't, there's a wedding happening here, it's just that no one else seems to care.

Even as Princess Eugenie and her motorcade drove up the Long Walk for the wedding rehearsal, locals out walking weren't fussed and were nearly run over.

Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, is ninth in line to the throne.

Her parents married in 1986. Princess Beatrice was born first, followed by Eugenie - before an ugly and very public separation in the 90s.

Eugenie, now 28, is marrying Jack Brooksbank, a manager of a tequila company. The pair met seven years ago while skiing.

There aren't even any fences installed along the procession route and there are more police than punters as well. 

So it looks like Eugenie's royal wedding is set for a royal snubbing from the public. 


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