Racehorse gallops through French betting bar

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink a pint at the pub.

Security footage has captured the chaotic moment a racehorse galloped through a betting bar in the French town of Chantilly.

On September 24, trainer Jean-Marie Beguignem was leading the young horse from a stable to the famous Chantilly racecourse when she bolted away from him.

He told French newspaper Ouest-France the animal was known to go running off on her own when she got the chance.

She found her way into a nearby sports bar, where video shows bar staff and patrons turning to see the horse entering the establishment.

They then leap up from their tables and run to the back of the bar. The horse, still wearing her saddle, can be seen racing through the room and knocking over chairs.

One man barely dodges out of her way in time to avoid being bowled over.

Once she gets to the back of the bar the horse then turns around and gallops back out the way she came, leaving some very confused people in her wake.

Bar owner Stephane Jasmin told Reuters there was a "panic" when the animal tore through his establishment.

"I still can't quite believe it happened."