Royal Tour: Fijian woman who served Queen tea hopes to meet Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Australia's Fraser Island offered some respite for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and probably the smallest crowd they've ever encountered thanks to its seclusion.

But on Tuesday it was back to the big time, and big receptions.

Rehearsals for the welcoming ceremony were in the exact same format as when the Queen was welcomed in 1953 - a visit still celebrated today, with pictures in homes across Fiji. 

Litana Bilivanua, now 87, was 21 back then, and the headmaster at the school she worked at told her that it would be her job to serve tea to the Queen.

"[The headmaster] taught me how to serve the tea to the Queen, the way to give the tray and the way to come back," Ms Bilivanua recounts.

The training took two weeks, and even though it was 65 years ago, she remembers the details well.

"I remember the Duke, he picked the cube of sugar and put it the Queen's tea."

Her connection to the royal visit has put her on the invite list for a reception with Prince Harry, and she hopes to tell him of her meeting with his grandmother.

"Maybe he wants to talk to me a little bit, maybe? I don't know."

She will be amongst thousands other competing for the royals' attention.

Those who there in 1953 would have seen the Queen and Prince Philip walk out onto the balcony of the Grand Pacific Hotel - a ritual that Prince Harry and Meghan will recreate when they arrive. 


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