Royal Tour: Huge crowds greet Prince Harry, Meghan Markle in Melbourne

It was Melbourne's turn to host the royal couple on Thursday - and you can't go to Melbourne without trying out the trams and the beach.

Even before they came and they saw, they'd already conquered - the chants and the screams were fitting for the royal rock stars these two have become.

But this crowd did have a favourite - their prince had come. Poor Meghan got presents and toys, but still the biggest cheer by far went up when Harry came over to join her.

One sign in the crowd read 'I was at your wedding'. There was also super fan India Brown in the crowd, waiting since 4am or their arrival.

The crowd was huge, but if you were little enough you could squeeze into a good spot and get your reward.

In each city, the crowds are trying to do more and more to get the royals' attention - be it flowers, gifts for the baby, signs or just screaming as loud as they can.

One little girl in particular got the Duchess' attention: six-month-old Harriet, with her mother Ashley Kaye holding her.

"I was holding little Harriet, and obviously they liked the name very much and we said 'congratulations' and we gave them the Possum Magic book - an Australian book - and they thought that was very nice."

It was hard to see how anything could beat the morning's start, but there was still one of Melbourne's favourite pastimes to try - as the royal couple made their way to South Melbourne beach by tram.

But it certainly wasn't for a picnic or a rest - instead, it was to help draw attention to the environment. An environment is everyone's baby, not just theirs, and there's an interest in seeing it protected.