Titanic II set to launch in 2022

  • 24/10/2018

A replica of the iconic Titanic ship is set to launch in 2022 after its construction resumed recently following a financial dispute. 

The Titanic II will feature the same cabin layout as the original ship which sunk on April 12, 1912, less than three hours after it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. 

More than 1500 people lost their lives. 

Construction of the replica was halted by the Blue Start Line in 2015 because of financial disagreements, TIME reports. But the company announced plans in September to continue efforts to finish it, costing approximately $500 million, Bloomberg reports. 

The company's name, the Blue Start Line, is a nod to the White Star Line, the company that owned the original Titanic ship. 

The new ship will trace the original's route across the North Atlantic, USA Today reports. It will set sail from Dubai to Southampton in England and then go on to New York. 

It will also carry about the same amount of people as the original ship: 2400 passengers and 900 crew members. But it will feature modern navigational equipment and, importantly, plenty of lifeboats. 

"The new Titanic will of course have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you'd expect on a 21st century ship," said James McDonald, Blue Star Line's global marketing director. 

The tragic sinking of the Titanic was immortalised in the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.