US lottery prize nears $1 billion

It's the second largest figure in US lottery jackpot history. Photo credit: Getty

A United States lottery prize is climbing close to a staggering US$1 billion, after a winner was not found in yesterday's draw.

That meant a jackpot to US$868 million (NZ$1.3 billion) for the top prize in the Mega Millions draw, while the Powerball has lifted to US$345 million.

It's the second-largest figure in US lottery jackpot history.

The Mega Millions draw has not been won since July, with Powerball's drought extending back to August. 

For those thinking of entering Friday's mega draw, the chances of winning are naturally extremely slim - but that hasn't stopped hundreds of millions of tickets being sold.

But there is a chance for Kiwis, with US lottery rules stating that non-residents can enter and claim the prize money - you just need to be in the US to purchase a ticket.

So for any Kiwis on holiday in the US, or travelling to the States in the next 48 hours, it might be worth picking up a ticket - you never know what might happen.