US woman throws tacos at Uber driver in violent attack

US woman throws tacos at Uber driver in violent attack
Photo credit: The Daily Mail

The shocking moment an Uber passenger attacked her female driver with tacos has been caught on camera. 

Maria Chavez is a weekend Uber driver in Texas, and caught the the drunken assault on internal CCTV.

In the video, the woman and a man can be seen sitting in the back seat of the Uber with what appears to be takeaway food. 

The woman asks Ms Chavez to go back to a location to pick up people from a bar she had been at, The Daily Mail reports. 

Ms Chavez declines, and asks the woman to exit the vehicle. When the woman refuses to leave, Ms Chavez asked her to again exit the vehicle. 

She asked the male passenger who had got out of the Uber to help get the woman out of the vehicle. The woman continually refuses to exit - and when she eventually does, throws tacos at Ms Chavez. 

Ms Chavez breaks down in tears after the woman throws food at her. 

"My night is done, I'm done Ubering for the night - this is my job," she says. "I'm losing money - you threw food at face."

The man offers to clean up the mess, and gets back in the Uber to attempt to clean up the spilt food.  


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