'We love history': US man defends dressing son as Hitler for Halloween

'We love history': US man defends dressing son as Hitler for Halloween
Photo credit: Facebook

A Kentucky father has been forced to apologise after dressing his son up as Adolf Hitler for a family Halloween photo.

Brant Goldbach was wearing a Nazi soldier uniform himself as he posed with his son and daughter while attending the Trail of Treats event on Thursday (local time).

His son wore a suit, swastika and Hitler-style moustache, and Mr Goldbach attempted to justify it by saying his family loved to dress as historical figures. A little girl in the family picture seems to be pretending to be a fairy princess of sorts.

"Anyone who knows us knows that we love history and often dress the part of historical figures," he said on his Facebook page.

"Tonight as we walked we saw people dressed as murderers, devils, serial killers, blood and gore of all sorts. Nobody batted an eye."

Mr Goldbach also condemned those who approached him and his son, and apparently "threatened" the pair.

"How dare you threaten a child... you are messing with fire," he said before criticising liberalism and saying it was a displeasure to deal with the "tolerant left".

But following online backlash to the decision, Mr Goldbach did apologise and said he didn't realise the costume would stir up so much controversy.

"I think it was in bad taste for me to let my child to wear that, probably for me to wear that. It didn't occur to me. I thought it was a bad decision on my part," he said.