Winner in record breaking billion-dollar US lottery

A US lottery Mega Millions ticket.
A US lottery Mega Millions ticket. Photo credit: Reuters

A South Carolina ticket holder has claimed the biggest lottery in US history, with Mega Millions confirming there is one winner of the US$1.6 billion (NZ$2.45 billion) draw.

The odds of winning are one in more than 300 million.

Queues had been forming at stores selling tickets around the country, as people entered for the rare chance to become an overnight billionaire.

Despite most US states ruling lottery winners must be made public, South Carolina is one of just eight states where that is not compulsory, meaning the lucky winner could stay a mystery.

The winner can choose to take out US$913 million in an after-tax lump payment, or have the winnings paid out in installments over 29 years.

There had not been a Mega Millions winner since July, prompting the historic jackpot.


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