Woman busted cheating when husband is Uber driver

The driver was using his friend's account for the night.
The driver was using his friend's account for the night. Photo credit: Getty Images.

A Colombian woman meeting up with her lover got quite the surprise when her husband turned out to be their Uber driver.

The woman, identified as Yeimy, was with her boyfriend, Jesus, in the coastal town of Santa Marta when they ordered a vehicle to take them to a motel.

She confirmed they did not know the driver before they booked the ride, local outlet El Espectador reported.

It turned out her husband had borrowed his friend's car that evening, as well as his Uber account, to work as a driver.

Uber's policy states people are not allowed to work using another driver's account.

"The Uber app is designed to give riders identifying information about drivers and their vehicles, like their name, profile picture, vehicle model and licence plate number, before the trip begins," Uber's Community Guidelines say.

"We will deactivate your account for activities such as: providing Uber with inaccurate information, allowing someone else to use your account."