Alleged drug dealer's huge neck amuses the internet

  • 18/11/2018
Charles Dion McDowell.
Charles Dion McDowell. Photo credit: Escambia County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

A man who has been charged with a number of offences has had his mugshot shared more than 250,000 times on Facebook due to the size of his neck. 

Escambia County Sheriff's Office in Florida shared a picture of Charles Dion McDowell, who's been charged with fleeing police along with the possession of the drug ice and other drugs. 

While McDowell's alleged crimes sound serious, Facebook users were more interested in the size of his neck, with more than 280,000 people commenting on his appearance. 

"They gonna put him in jail and throat away the key," one man wrote.

"When you take viagra but it gets stuck in your throat," said another.

One woman suggested he could also be charged with "neckless" endangerment, while another man told Facebook users they should all be ashamed. 

"All this neck-ativity isn't right after all," he wrote.

In September, Facebook users flocked another police department's page over surveillance footage of a suspect who looked like rapper Eminem.

"Will the real slim shady please 'fess up," one user wrote, to the enjoyment of 50,000 others. 

In England last month, another surveillance picture appeared to show David Schwimmer, who plays Ross from the TV show Friends, allegedly stealing beer from a store.

Police confirmed the man pictured was not Schwimmer - with the actor also taking to social media to joke about the photo.

"I swear it wasn't me, as you can see, I was in New York," the Friends actor wrote on Twitter, with a video of him re-enacting the crime.

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