Alligator removed from Florida Walmart, given trespass warning

A police officer holding the alligator.
A police officer holding the alligator. Photo credit: Facebook

An alligator has been given a trespass warning after it wandered into the employee break room at a Florida Walmart.

Port St Lucie Police say officers were called to remove the 45cm long and very unwelcome alligator from the store earlier in November.

Spokesperson Sergeant Frank Sabol told local news outlet TC Palm an officer simply scooped up the alligator and released it into a nearby waterway.

"He scooped him up and escorted him off the property," Sgt Sabol said jokingly.

"[We] gave him a trespass warning."

The warning will last a year, but Sgt Sabol said the problem will be far worse if the alligator returns once it lapses.

"If he comes back in a year he'll be much bigger, so we'll be on the lookout for him," he said.

Commenters on Facebook also saw the funny side of the situation and many joked the alligator just needed to pick up some shopping.

"He just wanted to live better and save money," one person wrote, referring to Walmart's catchphrase.

"He was looking for a new pair of crocs," another said.