Australian builder Tasers himself lighting a cigarette

  • 30/11/2018

An Australian builder got a fright after trying to light his cigarette using a Taser.

Aaron Dunbar, 23, bought the Taser from a friend, and told Caters he has no regrets about the stunt, which left him unconscious on the ground.

Video shows Mr Dunbar casually starting up the Taser and falling to the ground soon after raising it to his face.

He managed to keep his drink in his hand though.

Mr Dunbar's brother Chris Dunbar, who shot the video, said initially it was quite scary to see Mr Dunbar unconscious, but they quickly saw the funny side.

"I was a bit worried when I saw him smack his head on the ground, but once he got back up I just started laughing," he said.

"He's pretty mental, he loves pain. I reckon he's pretty proud of the video."


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